Buie & Coffee: A Toast To Our Favorite Team Member

Coffee is the quintessential unsung hero, the business partner that runs things behind the scenes here at Buie & Co. Without it, where would we be? Probably still asleep, so believe us when we say coffee it’s our favorite team member. We’ve got a feeling you won’t disagree. That’s why we are kicking off the Buie & Coffee series.

Each week, we’ll take a look at a different type of brewed-bean beverage and tell you where to snag that next cup of joe. Along the way, we’ll introduce you to our team members so you can learn a little more about us all. Disagree with our choices? We’re open to debate. Selfishly, we’re hoping you’ll participate so we can add a few new cafes to our favorite places to work.

Oh, and did we mention there will be giveaways?! There will be lots of giveaways.

See you Monday at the Coffee stand.

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Buie & Coffee GIF

Jeff: 24 Diner

Eastside, 600 N Lamar Blvd

Meet Jeff, Buie & Co.’s designer. A new addition to Austin, Jeff likes his coffee wherever he can actually find it. Also – strong with a lot of cream and accompanied by some radical, comfort food. Oh, and beer, too. He likes his coffee in beer.

Enter 24 Diner.

24 Diner is a farm-to-table, chef-inspired diner with a blend of midcentury modern and Austin eclectic design. A sister restaurant to Easy Tiger, there is no shortage of excellent craft beers on tap as well. Not a bad start to Jeff’s Austin coffee exploration campaign.

Thomas: Brew & Brew

Eastside, 500 San Marcos St

Meet Thomas, our Creative Intern. He prefers his coffee on the cold side and on his side of town. He swears by Brew & Brew.

Brew & Brew sources from some amazing roasters like locals, Flat Track, and Heart Roasters from Portland, OR. Their cold brew, while slightly pricey, is well worth it — perfect for scorching summer days. It’s worth noting that they have a unique and stylin’ espresso machine. Cool points for that.

Austin: Cuvée

Eastside, 2000 E 6th St

Meet Austin, Buie & Co.’s Designer. He likes his coffee concentrated and creamy, but without the calories. Cuvee Coffee’s Black & Blue keeps him fueled for the day and fit for running or riding after work.

Cuvée could have easily made the list for a few styles of coffee, but we decided to save them for their nitro cold brew. The smoothness the nitrogen imparts on the cold brew is next level, and comes in draft or can form. Their Black & Blue canned cold brew is the ideal choice for the java lover on the go.

Ashley: Elizabeth Street Cafe

South, 1501 S 1st St

Meet Ashley Kegley Whitehead, one of the partners at Buie & Co., and her partner-in-crime (side-kick if you will), the Vietnamese Iced Coffee 🇻🇳. It’s amazing what a cup of sweetened condensed milk can do for the occasional case of writer’s block🤔.

If you have a sweet tooth, look no further. Vietnamese iced coffee is quite the treat, and the process is pretty unique. First, you take ground coffee beans and put them in a mini percolator that sits atop your glass. The coffee then drips slowly in the glass that has been pre-filled with a layer of condensed milk. Once the brew is done, you stir the contents and enjoy your sweet caffeinated goodness. This drink is pretty easy to replicate, but Elizabeth Street Cafe definitely contributes in the atmosphere department. Be sure to try their Banh Mi’s or Pho while you’re there! Of course, don’t forget a macaroon on the side!

Lauren: Civil Goat Coffee Co.

Southwest, 704 Cuernavaca Dr N

Lauren at Civil Goat Coffee

Meet Lauren Gammon, Buie & Co.’s Account Coordinator! Lauren loves coffee, and, fun fact, met her husband due to her love of coffee: she was working at Starbucks and he was a regular customer. But before she met her main man, Lauren always said she liked her coffee like she liked her men: full-bodied and with a pygmy goat nearby. Luckily she can get her very specific fix at Civil Goat Coffee Co.!

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Bee Cave, a small building serves as both coffee roasting central and a cozy coffee shop for this unique company. Serving a full menu of delicious, house roasted coffee and espresso beverages, we highly recommend the nitro-infused cold brew or the lavender or vanilla latte. Both the lavender and vanilla flavorings are made in-house and blend dreamily with frothy milk and freshly pulled espresso. Or on these hot days of summer, try it with iced! Plus, having a star pygmy goat employee makes everything better! Stop by and say ‘hi’ to Butters the goat! (Okay, so we MIGHT have altered this photo, but trust us, Butters does work at Civil Goat!)

Patti: Caffé Medici

Clarksville,1101 West Lynn

Patti at Caffe Medici

Meet Patti Hixon, Buie & Co.’s Account Director. She loves coffee in almost every form, but prefers an espresso to get her caffeine fix. The Caffé Medici on West Lynn is her neighborhood haunt.

When discussing espresso, people can get pretty feisty. However, we’re adamant that Medici brews the best espresso in town. Their multiple locations have different vibes, so it’s worth finding the right spot for your tastes. The coffee will taste just as good no matter which one you frequent. They use beans from Spyhouse Coffee, producing a smooth espresso. Their staff are on point and attend coffee events and cuppings regularly to stay at the top of their game.

Jed: Jo’s Coffee

Downtown, 2nd St.

Jed at Jo's

Meet Jed Buie, Buie & Co.’s illustrious namesake. There’s hardly a time when his phone isn’t ringing. And, while we may not fully endorse the speaking volume at which he takes his calls, we do approve of his choice of coffee: Jo’s Iced Turbo. Located steps from Austin City Hall on 2nd Street, Jo’s Coffee Downtown serves up some tasty beverages and bites and provides a nice retreat during those long Council meetings. The Iced Turbo puts more than a little pep in your step; it’s a delectable combination of coffee, hazelnut, chocolate and cream. Plus, Jo’s uses an exclusive blend from Cuvee Coffee, which is a sure sign of quality (and another of our team’s favorite bean counters). Interested in trying it? Visit tomorrow to enjoy the 2-for-1 Burger special.

Sarah: Cenote

Eastside, 1010 E Cesar Chavez St.

Sarah at Cenote

Meet Sarah O’Brien, Buie & Co.’s Account Coordinator. Her go-to beverage is a latte, preferably with a little vanilla in it. As an east Austin resident she has plenty of good spots to choose from including Cenote.

This is a great summer-time spot to grab a latte and enjoy the morning. Their lattes are balanced and beautifully presented, and we absolutely love the atmosphere (especially the patio). Cenote is currently serving outstanding coffee from Wild Gift, Merit and Casa Brasil. Give them a try if you’re on the Eastside.