Inside the Collaborative Minds of Buie & Co.

By Karrington Ortiz, Spring 2020 Intern

Karrington (far right) with Addie Burgess, Autumn Sanders and Kate Stevenson at Keyholder’20

When I mention to someone outside of the communications industry that I work in public relations, it’s often followed by the question, “And what exactly do you do?” It’s a mix of confusion, misinterpretation, false media displays and more. PR is typically presented as social media or political campaigns, sometimes skipping over the planning, strategizing, research, content writing, media relations, and all that goes into what PR professionals do. However, the Buie & Co. team strives to make certain that these fundamental elements are never looked over, but rather are executed with great attention to detail. 

Before starting my role as the Spring Intern at Buie & Co., most of the positions I held were “in-house” public relations. I had ranging expectations on how an agency would differ from what I’ve done in the past. Instead of a few people working within a company on a fraction of what Public Relations can offer, I stepped into a team that understood, mastered and delivered every aspect of what was needed to support its clients. I was eager to start but unsure of what would come next. Working directly with Buie & Co., I was able to quickly learn why they are such a reputable agency.

I could see the team’s extensive knowledge and expertise influence each step when handling client operations. Each individual holds a vital role and acknowledges the way they can contribute to a project. Their purpose is signified in the work that they produce, moving as one to deliver quality results. No question is ever unanswered or problem ignored. Every triumph is a team victory, and every reward is a team round of applause. 

Sitting in the conference room, I was often mesmerized at how ideas flowed as the team met to strategize and plan the next steps for each of their client partners. They inspired each other. They challenged each other. The passion for their clients was evident. 

The importance of this is often forgotten. What it means to have a group of individuals that support and better one another. We live in a very self-focused world, but that’s not Public Relations, and that’s not this firm. When working with Buie & Co., there is never the question of, “And what exactly do you do?” The work is evident. Partnering with Buie & Co., you have a just that – a partner. A partner that uses every resource and every member to reach and beat every expectation.