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Public Relations

You have a message to get out–we know who to contact. That would be an empty promise if it weren’t for decades of work we’ve invested in building deep relationships with local and national media. We can help you craft your strategic message to enhance effectiveness, tap into the most appropriate social media channels, even line up speaking opportunities. We also fold in community events (large and small) to engage the public or generate goodwill. We have seen our proactive approach to community engagement facilitate communications, build common ground and bring together diverse stakeholders to mobilize support. Public relations is all about results. And, we get results.

Government Relations

Effecting change within the local political framework happens only with knowing the ins and outs of the government process. With a focus on Central Texas, we work regularly with city and county departments, community groups and business leaders. We understand the process well. By persuading key stakeholders, engaging the public and reaching new audiences, we’ve tackled even the most controversial projects.

Creative Services

Even if you have a great message to share, it doesn’t matter if people don’t take the time to read it. Buie & Co.’s creative process focuses on packaging your content in an incredibly compelling way to create a memorable experience, provoke action or change perception. Our approach is always collaborative; most clients even say it's fun! Whether you need a new logo or an entire brand redesign, a website, custom graphics or unique marketing materials and promotional items, our team knows how to deliver powerful materials so you stand out. Want proof? Check out some of our creative work below.

RiverSouth logo
Music Lane Logo
Waterloo Greenway logo
Waymo logo
City of Rollingwood logo
2017 Austin Independent School District bond logo
Tyndall Austin logo
Benkendorfer and Associates website homepage
Town of Vail Let's be blunt logo
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