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City of Bastrop

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Naming, Brand Identity, Public Relations & Media Outreach, Messaging, Print & Digital Collateral, Environmental Signage and Events

Project Description

In August 2018, the City of Bastrop launched Building Bastrop, an initiative to guide responsible development that honors Bastrop’s authentic past and prepares for its sustainable future through a comprehensive reform of the City’s land-use regulations. The City hired Buie & Co. to brand the campaign and lead all community outreach and engagement efforts over the course of the project.

Buie & Co. created the Building Bastrop identity, delivering a logo and brand guidelines to guide communications for the initiative. Building Bastrop is all about connecting people to policy, and humanizing an otherwise complicated and mundane process of rewriting a city’s land-use regulations. It is about weaving together the history and philosophies that define authentic Bastrop. It is about love, community pride and defining the City’s way of life. It’s about Building Bastrop, together.

Clear and consistent communication was a priority for the City from day one, and Buie & Co. left no stone unturned. After the Building Bastrop initiative was launched and the brand was unveiled at a press conference with the Mayor, Buie & Co. worked with the City to host more than 15 events with an average attendance of 50-75 community members, where stakeholders were able to gather, ask questions and share input regarding the new development code.

Over the course of the 15-month project, Buie & Co. maintained a dedicated project webpage, email account and hotline, and our team also coordinated more than 60 direct mail and email updates to keep the community informed. We also supported the City of Bastrop by distributing press releases and securing media coverage at each project milestone – more than 30 pieces of coverage in total.

The Bastrop Building Block (B3) Code was officially adopted by City Council on November 12, 2019. Since the codes went into effect, there has already been a livability impact from the new drainage regulations and enhanced permit review process that were enacted, as well as a number of creative and innovative projects that have been submitted to the City using the new B3 Code. The B3 Code was also recognized for its boldness and flexibility as part of the 2020 Charter Awards by the Congress for the New Urbanism.


Congress for the New Urbanism award