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City of Bastrop

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Naming, Brand Identity, Public Relations & Media Outreach, Messaging, Print & Digital Collateral, Environmental Signage and Events

Project Description

On August 14, 2018, the City of Bastrop launched Building Bastrop, an initiative to guide responsible development that honors Bastrop’s authentic past and prepares for its sustainable future through a comprehensive reform of the City’s land-use regulations. Buie & Co. created a new identity for the initiative, delivering a logo and brand guidelines to support all community outreach and engagement throughout the process.

The Building Bastrop identity is all about connecting people to policy. It is about humanizing an otherwise complicated and mundane process of rewriting a city’s land-use regulations. It is about the journey the City of Bastrop has taken to get to this point, weaving together its history and the philosophies that define authentic Bastrop. It is about love, community pride and defining the City’s way of life. It’s about Building Bastrop, together.

Since the Building Bastrop initiative was launched and the brand was unveiled, the City has hosted multiple events including four open houses and two “rodeos” for the community to gather, ask questions and share input regarding the potential new development code. The brand has been used for the City’s website, social media, newspaper ads, flyers and postcards, leading to an average attendance of 50-100 community members at each event.

An email marketing campaign was rolled out, and subscribers to the Building Bastrop newsletter have grown to 389 since August, with an average open rate of 39.95 percent. The new brand has also been used on improvement projects throughout Bastrop, bringing to life the intent of the initiative to create a more connected, liveable city.