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Town of Vail


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Project Description

Let’s Be Blunt. Colorado’s Amendment 64 is cool, but only if you know the rule… which is exactly why our buds at Town of Vail and the Vail Police Department reached out to Buie & Co. for help – to ensure all understand the safe and legal use of greenery while visiting their mountainside scenery.

Marijuana is completely legal in Colorado, as long as you’re well within the laws. Our charge? To create a public education campaign that felt relatable, fun and a little bit cheeky. We needed the final product to drive attention and awareness without using the frightening scare-tactics you often find in a driver’s ed classroom.

This left us with a lot of room for us to play. The scope of our work included the creation of a campaign name and tagline, a logo and brand guidelines, development of key messages and a communications framework, along with social media and paid advertising components.

Our goal was to neither advocate nor discourage locals and visitors from smoking – but to instead educate around safe and courteous consumption. It’s easy to see why we had so much fun brainstorming quippy soundbites to make the laws more digestible and easy to remember. A few of our favorites:

  • It may not hit you all at once, so take a small munch; don’t make it your lunch.
  • Don’t be a newbie when you hit the doobie. You must be 21 to have that kind of fun.
  • Cast a fly or bike a trail, but don’t smoke outside if you’re visiting Vail.
  • Skiing is dope but don’t smoke on the slope.

Check out the above work samples and see if you can puff, puff, pass the test. Looking for a creative partner on your next campaign? Buie & Co. is officially well-versed on the cannabis laws of Colorado.