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Project Description

Buie & Co. serves as the public involvement agency of record for the Williamson County Road Bond Program. The County has done well to proactively address the infrastructure demands placed on it by a rapidly growing population, in particular, on its roadway system.

In fact, the County’s road bond program is seen as a model around the country, but it is not without its share of communications issues to address. How would the multitude of engineering and construction firms manage outreach for the many projects? How would the public know whom to contact for information? County officials knew that without keeping the public informed, there was little chance of completing these projects on time and within budget.

Enter the Buie & Co. team, which quickly established a single source of information for all of the projects in the bond program. We engaged the public through one-on-one meetings and community open houses. We created background materials, including individual project fact sheets and FAQs, and assisted with media relations. And, we initiated a telephone hotline and an email address to offer stakeholders an easy way to voice concerns and ask questions.

By coordinating and streamlining the information flow, Buie & Co. has kept Williamson County stakeholders aware of progress and in-the-know about schedules and details of each project. Williamson County elected officials and staff members were also kept informed of problems and concerns as they arose.

Our efforts have helped ensure that the bond projects are being completed on time and within budget.