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Project Description

In 2011, the City of Austin was in the process of adopting a single-use bag ban. HEB, one of the largest, independent food retailers in the country, knew this was sure to affect their hundreds of thousands of customers, and they wanted a voice in the process. HEB needed someone who knew City Hall. Luckily, they knew Buie & Co.

The team crafted a government affairs strategy that included message development and City and stakeholder outreach. Buie & Co. worked to ensure that HEB had a seat at the table when anything related to the single-use bag ban was discussed. Over the next 18 months, the team got HEB a seat at literally hundreds of tables – meetings with council members, their staffs, boards and relevant commissions.

When the final ordinance passed, HEB had accomplished what they wanted – they had done right by their customers. And, Buie & Co. had done right by them.