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Marketing Collateral, Advertising, Naming, Brand Identity, Web Design & Development, Signage & Installation Design, Photography

Project Description

In early 2018, Buie & Co. was charged with creating a new brand identity for real estate veteran FourT Realty’s latest project, 1618 Palma Plaza. At least, that was its original name before Buie & Co. came on board. In Austin, most development projects are named after their locations, but this wasn’t just any project. This was a collection of four graciously designed residences located in the heart of West Austin’s exclusive Clarksville neighborhood.

To begin, Buie & Co. first looked at where the half-acre lot stood: the corner of Palma and Pease Road. We then began to explore the background of the area and found that the land was once owned by Elisha M. Pease, one of Texas’ first governors. The name immediately had a ring to it. It felt modern yet comfortable, and introducing Pease was a way to honor the past while building for the future.

Pushing further, we sifted through historical documents written during Pease’s career as a public servant and uncovered compelling handwritten elements worthy of exploration. We transformed letterforms from Pease’s own handwriting (from two centuries ago), into a tailored logomark. This element is used in multiple applications, but perhaps the most prominent is the embossed, gold-foiled “E” on the cover of the sales packet.

Beyond the name, we created all messaging and USPs; brand guidelines; a site map and floor plans; website with an interactive neighborhood amenities map; Tribeza ads; and more.

Since its launch, sales are strong and inquires are up. Qualitatively, people love the name and the materials feel expensive and luxurious, everything FourT Realty wants The Elisha to stand for.