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Waterloo Greenway

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Project Description

Waller Creek Conservancy is an organization you’re likely familiar with if you’re an Austinite. It was founded in 2010 by a shared calling to create an inclusive park system that would connect people not only to nature, but to one another. In August 2019, the Conservancy took a huge step forward to realize that vision, and Buie & Co. was tapped to publicly roll out its incredible new brand and unveil the name of its signature project: Waterloo Greenway.

The name gives a nod to the past (Waterloo – the name of our city at its founding), while keeping an eye toward the future – creating an environmental space that celebrates community, culture and the arts. Our job? Host a high-profile event that perfectly encapsulates every core element of the brand: eclectic, inclusive, joyful, cultural, boundless, raw and more. From bright and playful decor, an interactive art display, a brand gallery and signature “Ranch Waterloo” cocktails to custom tambourines, live music and a swag room filled with fun apparel, this event hit all the right notes.

In addition to event planning and programming, we also coordinated with local media to spread the word about the new park. With 27 mentions and more than seven million impressions, our media outreach resulted in a publicity value of $27.8K. You can read more about the announcement in Sarah Marloff’s Austin Chronicle piece, or in James Rambin’s TOWERS’ piece, among others.

This was an incredible project to work on, and one that is deeply important to many Austinites. What started as an aspirational concept is now a tangible place where we can all feel and experience together. As Mayor Adler declared at the event: “What Central Park is for New York City, Waterloo Greenway will be for Austin.”