Why you need an internship: my time at Buie & Co.

BY Hannah Uselman, Summer 2019 INTERN

Buie & Co. Summer 2019 Intern Hannah Uselman

I still remember my professor hammering in the idea that my job as a student was not only to pass my classes, but also to find experience before walking across the graduation stage. During his lectures he repeated advice such as “That internship could be the reason you stand out and get the job,” and “Never walk into an interview empty handed, always show your work.”

“What if I don’t have the right work or experience?” I worried. This ignited my search for an internship.

When I found Buie & Co. I was so excited for the opportunity to watch the industry in action. My first impressions included thinking that this firm is poised, professional, fun and committed to excellence. And those impressions turned out to be right.

Internships can get a bad rap for not giving the right type of experience, or giving interns monotonous office tasks. It’s enough to scare students into thinking “Do I really need this internship?”

YES. Yes, you do, and this is why.

My first day at Buie & Co. I was put straight to work, and I learned a new program to track coverage for our clients. My project manager was open, attentive and trusted me with projects that were new and engaging. I was comfortable asking questions when needed and working independently when I felt confident.

I was able to witness the celebration of a well-earned client acquisition and the preparation that went into that pitch. I had the opportunity to join in on team brainstorming sessions, client meetings and late Friday kickbacks in the office.

As a student, I didn’t know what to expect from my first job in the industry. As an intern, I now understand the natural processes of a well-oiled PR firm. Whether that be curating creative content for a client, staying on deadline during crises or relying on your team to find creative solutions together.

Thanks to Buie & Co. I feel confident and ready to walk across the stage at my graduation next week and enter my new life as a PR professional. My advice to any student who is feeling lost is to be open to new opportunities, trust your gut, ask for a challenge and push yourself to your fullest potential. And find an internship!