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Project Description

In August 2018, the City of Rollingwood called for a comprehensive branding initiative in partnership with the Rollingwood Community Development Corporation (RCDC). Buie & Co. served as the public relations and marketing agency of record, spearheading the City’s branding and public involvement efforts.

Established in 1955, Rollingwood is a community of approximately 1,500 residents located just west of downtown Austin. Prior to this initiative, Rollingwood did not have a logo other than its official city seal, which didn’t do justice to the heart and soul of the community. The branding initiative was launched by City Council and RCDC with the goal of capturing the spirit of Rollingwood.

Ensuring the community was engaged throughout the initiative was a priority for the City. Buie & Co. led a comprehensive discovery process that included creative briefs, blockwalking, surveys and a community branding workshop to understand the values of the city. Our team personally visited every business within the city limits (264) to provide information about the initiative and request input. An online survey was launched, with 61 responses received over the course of 35 days. Approximately 40 community members attended a branding workshop in October 2018 to vote on 10 aspects of the new brand, including typography, color palette, photography, signage types and materials. Buie & Co. then pored over all feedback to form the foundation of the new logo. Buie & Co. worked closely with a small committee of representatives from City Council, staff and members of the RCDC to create the new brand and identity system, which incorporates a primary logo and icon, a badge and an updated seal. The brand also includes a color palette of blues and greens reflecting the natural landscape that is central to the Rollingwood lifestyle, as well as a semi-custom typeface that mirrors the beloved rolling hills found throughout the city.

The new logo and full identity system was unveiled at a community celebration in January 2019, with more than 50 residents in attendance. It is now being used to promote the City of Rollingwood, foster a greater sense of community and attract new residents and businesses alike.