Buie & Co. provides public relations, governmental affairs, community outreach and creative services. That’s the straightforward, cut-and-dry description anyway. But the truth of it is, we are happy warriors. For us, there is no same-old, same-old. There is no autopilot. Every day is different, and that’s why we unabashedly love what we do. We thrive on the vibrancy of this business. The always-fluid, ever-changing challenges serve as the spark for our high-energy, high-spirited approach. We mix free-ranging thinking and new technologies with a respect for traditional methods to achieve results. Yes, results. In the end, changing minds, opening eyes and getting your message out is serious business.
But nobody goes at it more happily than Buie & Co.



You have a message to get out- we know who to contact. That would be an empty promise if it weren’t for decades of work we’ve invested in building deep relationships with local and national media. Additionally, we can help you craft your strategic message to enhance effectiveness, tap into the most appropriate social media channels, even line up speaking opportunities. Need help in a crisis? Our all-hands-on-deck approach includes researching breaking stories, developing messaging and prepping spokespeople for the media. Public relations is all about results. And we get results.


Governmental Affairs

Effecting change within the local political framework happens only with knowing the ins and outs of the government process. With a focus on Central Texas, we work regularly with city and county departments, community groups and business leaders. We understand the process well. By persuading key stakeholders, engaging the public and reaching new audiences, we’ve tackled even the most controversial projects.


Community Outreach

Outreach is its own unique challenge. It begins and ends with transparency and integrity. Or to put it in simple terms, you have to do what you say you’re going to do. There is no song and dance that is going to engage the public or generate goodwill. We have seen our proactive and open-dialogue approach facilitate communications, build common ground and bring together diverse stakeholders to strike a balance and mobilize support.



Even if you have a great message to share, it doesn’t matter if people don’t take the time to read it. Buie & Co.’s creative process focuses on packaging your content in an incredibly compelling way to create a memorable experience, provoke action or change perception. Our approach is always collaborative; most clients even say it's fun! Whether you need a new logo or an entire brand redesign, a website, custom graphics or unique marketing materials and promotional items, our team knows how to deliver powerful materials so you stand out. Want proof? Check out some of our creative work here.

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Jed Buie


Favorite quote: “The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.” -- Socrates
Alma Mater: University of Texas at Austin
After I hit the alarm I… debate whether or not to go for a run (yes, I am good at my job).
I have way too many… messages in my inbox.
When I splurge, it’s… on oysters at Clark’s Oyster Bar (East coast variety please).
During deadlines, I snack on… cashews and cinnamon mints.
I’d hide in a suitcase to... visit Italy.
After a long day, hand me a glass of… scotch on the rocks.
I can’t get enough of…U.T. football season

Ashley Kegley Whitehead


Favorite quote: “Not all those that wander are lost.” –J.R.R. Tolken
Alma Mater: Texas State University (Eat ‘em up Cats!)
After I hit the alarm I… turn on Good Morning America.
I have way too many… nicknames for my dog, Señor Finnegan.
When I splurge, it’s… at J Crew (The Mothership)
During deadlines, I snack on… chocolate-covered espresso beans and peanut M&M’s.
I’d hide in a suitcase to… stay in an igloo in Finland.
After a long day, hand me a glass of… wine, the redder the better.
I can’t get enough of… the salted butterscotch pot de crème at Perla’s.

Case Studies


Let’s talk results. Better yet, we’ll let them speak for themselves. These case studies are proof that our hard work gets results. We’re proud of the impact we’ve had with these clients and we’d like to do the same for you.

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  • Knight Construction

    Knight Construction has built some of the most recognizable and iconic commercial developments in...
  • Williamson County

    Buie & Co. serves as the public involvement agency of record for the Williamson County Road...
  • HEB

    In 2011, the City of Austin was in the process of adopting a single-use bag ban. HEB, one of the...
  • Highland Resources / Lamar Central

    Houston-based developer Highland Resources seized a unique opportunity to reinvent a prominent...

News & Cool Things


What's the latest news? You've come to the right spot. Here are a few of the most recent issues making headlines. We've also included some links to articles we thought were just too cool not to share.  Feel free to click below, contribute and share your thoughts. 



We’re not just rooted in this community. We’re rooting for it. Giving back to our community is not just a practice. It's a passion. We live, work and play here and take seriously the idea of giving back. Our investments take many forms, from financial support for non-profit organizations, to pro bono communications projects, to hands-on volunteers for assignments both large and small.



Connections are everything in this business. So let’s make one. Have a project we might be able to help with? Have a question about our services and scope? Please, say hello. You can call us (512) 969-6800 or send us an email using the form below.


Office Location: 2901 Bee Cave Road, Suite D (Mabry House) Austin, Texas 78746

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