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About Buie & Co.

Buie & Co. provides public relations, governmental affairs and creative services. That’s the straightforward, cut-and-dry description anyway. But the truth of it is, we are happy warriors. For us, there is no same-old, same-old. There is no autopilot. Every day is different, and that’s why we unabashedly love what we do. We thrive on the vibrancy of this business. The always-fluid, ever-changing challenges serve as the spark for our high-energy, high-spirited approach. We mix free-ranging thinking and new technologies with a respect for traditional methods to achieve results. Yes, results. In the end, changing minds, opening eyes and getting your message out is serious business. But, nobody goes at it more happily than Buie & Co.

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It's attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.

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